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Way Out West, the Sea Whispered Me: A Reading Companion

(Image shows both front and back side by side. It is one sheet, double sided.)

Published in April 2009, Way Out West The Sea Whispered Me: A Reading Companion is a collection of writing that continues the performance’s ruminative exploration of The Sea’s place in our collective psyche. Utilizing the imagined spaces and ample research gathered throughout the two year process of making the performance, the reading companion elaborates and re-imagines many of the ideas presented in the performance as a unique and interactive literary experience.¬†¬†Importantly, this gave us an excuse to work with and include the voices of some brilliant people that we have met over the years.

Visually, the reading companion depicts the westward movement of a townРrepresented by three parish churches from different erasРdue to the steady erosive action of the waves upon the shorelineРthe towns fragile foundation. The texts take on the shape of the landscape РSea, Mountain, and CloudРand the buildings/objects of the town that have slid into the sea over the course of the towns history.  These buildings/objects, that have been set off on an adventure, weave their own mythology into The Sea's musings.

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24" W X 36" L, Double Sided

Writing Credits

The Sea: David Williams & Cupola Bobber
The Mountain: Ian Abbott
The Cloud: Cupola Bobber
Tree Trunk, Notebook: Alice Booth
Record Collection, Toy Model of the Ark: Simon Bowes
An Old Leather Bag, A Taxidermist's Shop: Lucy Cash
My Father's Trumpet, Telephone: Karen Christopher
Glass Eye, Used Tightly Wrapped Baby Diaper: Jeff Harms
Car, Lighthouse: CJ Mitchell
Church, Table: Bryan Saner

Production Credits

Art Direction: Zach Dodson & Cupola Bobber
Design: Zach Dodson
Illustration: Ezra Claytan Daniels

This publication is made possible with funding from Cupola Bobber's Arts Council England International Fellowship at Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster